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TUNTURI Cross Fit Rack WT60


This Tunturi WT60 Cross Fit Rack is ideal if you want to work out at home, but want to do so in a safe and responsible manner. Simply work out in your own home, determine for yourself how long you want to train, which exercises you will do.

  • Various exercises are possible, to train your body: from dips to deadlifts
  • Includes storage for 25 mm – 50 mm (1 – 2 inch) weight plates
  • 24 levels to attach the weightlifting bar
  • Ideal for use at home

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Maximum Load Capacity
It’s important that you know what the maximum load capacity is of your equipment per part. You will find this in the images on the right. If you subtract your body weight from the maximum load capacity, you will know the number of weights you can load. You include your bodyweight only when there are parts on which you can sit or lay on.

Dipping handles
Dipping handles
The rack also has special hand grips for dip exercises.

Weight plate storage
Weight plate storage
The rack is suitable for Olympic and regular weightlifting bars. On the sides, the frame provides space to store different weight plates.

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