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      For elasticity and soothing care, Cell Return Platinum is all you need. Integrating with the new Light Science Technology, Cell Return Platnium LED Mask provides RED+NIR, Blue and Pink Wavelengths to treat your face.

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      Cellreturn LED therapy mask premium type that fills skin energy that goes out every day with beautiful product design and higher density NIR LED.
      690 LEDs provide care for your skin’s most troublesome areas as well as the most difficult parts of your nose (sebum), neck, and forehead.

    • lumidiet colors

      Lumidiet is your solution to achieve a slim and trim body.

      • Wearable health care device that uses light to decrease fat from fat cells
      • Does not require any surgical treatment to lose fat
      • Motor-vibration added to enable faster elimination of fat cells
      • Clinically proven to burns up to 500 calories of fat in just 30 minutes *individual results may vary
      • Recognized as an innovative fat loss designer device in The Luxury Technology Show 2017 in New York City, America
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       LUMITONE. 3x Faster FAT BURNING result using the safe and effective LED with NIR technology. Invented and made in Korea, a portable and convenient way to keep you in shape on the go or while you are lazing.

    • Slendertone Ab Belt Extender

      Our belt extension can simply add 7-9 inches (17-22cm) to all our Ab Toning belts: Abs8, Connect Abs, Abs7, Abs5, etc.

      Constructed with elasticated, hook-and-loop material, feed one end of the belt through the extension and securely attach it around your waist.

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      The working life of your pads is dependant on a variety of factors, including skin-type, correct storage and frequency of use. We recommend replacing them after 20-30 uses or if you notice discomfort, a loss of power or adhesion.

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      Slendertone Abs7 Unisex Toning Belt is our most advanced abs toning belt for men & women providing stronger and more defined abs from just 6 weeks. Use 5 times a week for 6 weeks to achieve firmer and more toned abs. Our most advanced abs belt offers the greatest intensity (up to 150) and a number of programmes (10). Within those programmes, there are 7 passive programmes (no physical activity required) and 3 active programmes (use the belt while doing exercise).

      *Arms Toner sold separately

    • SLENDERTONE Bottom Toner
        It is every girl’s dream to effortlessly fill up a bold, figuring-hugging dress and turn heads while in it. With the Slendertone bottom toner, expect to tone up your gluteus muscles, lift your lovely bottom and see results in 4 weeks! Just 20 minutes on the bottom toner is scientifically equivalent to 120 leg lifts. Select from 99 intensity levels and 4 bottom-toning programmes from Beginner to Advanced. Amaze yourself with a lifted bottom, reduce the look of cellulite and look the very best in your clothes. Rebuild your wardrobe from ground up. Or rather, butt up.


    • slendertone evolve abs mainslendertone evolve controller

      New Evolve Abs is designed to get stronger as you do. Using clinically proven EMS technology, the Evolve Abs exercises all 4 abdominal muscles giving you firmer, more toned, and stronger abs from 4 weeks.

      Featuring 0-100 Intensity levels, x12 Toning programs, including Classic Toning, Progressive Toning Plan, Abs Optimiser, Abs Blitz, and Active Toning, there is a program for everyone.

      If it’s a convenient way to train your abs, spice up your routine or a guided toning plan you are looking for, the Evolve Abs is perfect for you. Tone while catching up on emails, doing house chores, relaxing, or even while exercising!

      FDA cleared and clinically proven, it is recommended to use Evolve Abs 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

      The Evolve Abs is an evolution of the Abs8 toning belt, it offers a greater range of stronger, more powerful toning programs.

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        Slendertone Arms Female Accessory is a clinically proven arm toner that targets the tricep (triceps brachii) muscles in the upper arm. If you already have one of our Slendertone System products then you can purchase the Slendertone System Arms Female Accessory, as the accessory is compatible with the System controller.


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        Slendertone System Arms for Men is a clinically proven arm toner which targets both the biceps and triceps muscles. Tone and strengthen your arms with visably more defined biceps/triceps in 6 weeks.


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      Rechargeable battery pack for the Slendertone controller which works with our Abs toning belt and Arm Toners.

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        Slendertone Sticky Pads Arms (Female)


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        Slendertone Sticky Pads Arms (Male)