Chin up & Dip


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  • tunturi power tower pt40tunturi power tower pt40 demo Out of Stock

    You don’t need heavy weights or equipment to train your upper body. The simple Power Tower PT40 and your own body weight are more than enough for a decent workout. The PT40 is a compact strength station that takes up little space. Ideal for home use!

    • Train your upper body using your own body weight
    • A compact piece of training equipment for use at home or at the gym
    • Sturdy steel structure with a black matte powder coating, long-lasting
    • Different exercises are possible for an intense workout
  • tunturi power tower pt60tunturi power tower pt60 sideview Out of Stock

    Exercise your abdominal muscles, strengthen your pectoral muscles, or give your upper arms a serious workout. It’s all possible with the complete Tunturi Power Tower PT60. A strength station with many different workout options.

    • Various possibilities to train your body
    • A compact and versatile piece of training equipment, for home or gym use
    • The Power Tower is suitable for beginners or those who are more advanced
    • Foldable weight bench, space-saving
  • tunturi power tower pt80tunturi power tower pt80 sideview Out of Stock

    The Tunturi PT80 Power Tower provides the fanatic strength trainer with various possibilities for a solid workout. Easily create your own private gym, at home, with this versatile pull-up/dip station. This means you can exercise when you want to, the way you want to!

    • Various possibilities for a solid workout
    • You can remove the abdominal board and hang it from the strength station to save space
    • Nearly all accessories are adjustable
    • Strong and durable steel structure