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    NOHrD 3 in 1 TriaTrainer is a true space-saver and easy to transport. In a closed position the TriaTrainer serves as the perfect abs and core trainer. Unfold one side into the first position and convert the chair into a semi-bench for working your back muscles and glutes. Opened into full extension the TriaTrainer can be used for all standard bench workouts with or without free weights.

  • tunturi utility bench ab20tunturi utility bench ab20 abs trainer Out of Stock

    Train your abs at home? You can do this with the Tunturi AB20 Abdominal Bench. The leg rolls and abdominal board provide extra support and stability during your workouts.

    • Sturdy bench for abdominal muscle training
    • The bench angle is adjustable
    • Leg rolls¬† for extra stability
    • Compact and easily foldable
  • tunturi utility ub20tunturi utility ub20 abs training

    Do you want to do a full upper-body workout? In that case, the UB20 Utility Bench from Tunturi is the perfect weight bench: you work out with weights, but with this smart bench you easily do different ab exercises too.

    • Different training options, specifically for the upper body
    • Weight bench and abdominal board
    • Sturdy, stationary seat with adjustable backrest
    • Compact and easily foldable. Adjust fast and without problems
  • tunturi utility bench ub40tunturi utility bench ub40 demo

    Do you have barbell supports? But still, need a weight bench? With this Tunturi bench, you kill two birds with one stone: the UB40 is an adjustable weight bench with which you also work out your abs.

    • Adjustable bench for workouts at home
    • Weight bench to place beneath barbell supports
    • Abdominal workout
    • Adjustable leg roll and leg press
  • tunturi utility bench ub60tunturi utility bench ub60 leg extension

    This UB60 Utility Bench is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for a weight bench that you can use to train your legs with. A bench with different options: you work out your abs and leg muscles and also use the bench as a weight bench.

    • Adjustable bench for workouts at home
    • Weight bench, abdominal board, and leg press in one
    • A full-body workout
    • Adjustable leg roll and leg press
  • tunturi weight bench wb20tunturi weight bench wb20 model Out of Stock

    This weight bench was designed for the home gym environment. The Tunturi WB20 offers different workout options. Thanks to its excellent readability, you can turn any bedroom into a small home gym area. Simply fold the bench away after your workout.

    • Different training options for home training
    • Weight bench and abdominal board thanks to the backrest with adjustable seat
    • Dip station on barbell supports to train your arm muscles
    • Compact and easily foldable work out at home with a weight bench and abdominal board