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Looking for best Strength machines for home

vibration technology

What is the Best All Over Workout Machine

Vitachair Banner

AIBI Vita Chair M1

Taking inspiration and learnings from the award-winning Floatride running shoe.

Stylish & Sophisticated design

Ergonomically engineered to provide maximum comfort. Highlighted by solid and streamlined contours, the presence of this contemporarily designed chair will elevate the aesthetics of any living space.

vita chair pro

Vita Chair Features

Inversion table

Hang out and let gravity do the work.

teeter fitspine inversion table

FitSpine Inversion Table

You do a complete workout for your arms, legs and upper body, on one piece of equipment.

No pills, no appointments. Discover natural back pain relief in the comfort of your own home.

FitSpine Inversion Tables use gravity and your body weight to decompress your spine. In just a few minutes, the gentle stretch helps target back pain at the source by relaxing tense muscles, realigning your spine, relieving pressure on nerves and rejuvenating discs.

Teeter Fitshpine X3 700x700 1

FitSpine Inversion Features

Style Posture seat

Spine improvement support cushion

mtg style archive image

Body Make Seat “Style”

The new shape in posture care that applies chiropractic methodology.

Proper posture begins with the proper way of sitting.

The Body Make Seat Style Posture Chair by beauty tool maker MTG is designed to help improve the spine, hips and thighs. Place the cushion on a stool and sit on it every day to assist your body adopt the right seating posture.

mtg body make style posture seat

Posture Style Seat Benefits

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