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Uniquely designed to replicate the soothing touch of an esthetician’s fingers, the diamond-cut rollers of the ReFa ACTIVE DIGIT fit every contour of the face for precise kneading of the mimetic muscles, bringing out a firm & beautiful facial expression while increasing its protein level, leaving skin radiant and supple.

Key Features:

1. Double Drainage Rollers Each 20mm diamond-cut roller is approximately the size of a thumb to fit the curves of the face to provide precise kneading actions.

2. Microcurrent Technology The solar panel installed on the handle takes in light to generate a very mild electrical current called ‘microcurrent’ which helps to promote circulation and drains toxins, reducing swelling and fatigue.

3. Compact & Waterproof Compact and portable, this convenient, waterproof roller is ideal for use in the bath or shower.

4. Platinum Coated Rollers are intricately coated with brilliant bright platinum, making it suitable for delicate skin.

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Precision kneading helps bring

out the beauty of your expression


Product Specifications

ABS. acrylic. stainless steel. nylon. silicon rubber.POM. platinum

Approx. 40g

Items Included:
Instruction Manual. Warranty Certificate. Guidebook. Pouch. Cleaning Cloth

Approx. 50mm x 148mm x 33mm

Model Number:


Q. Can this product be used every day?
A. Yes. you can use this product every day – as often as you like.

Q. What is the typical usage time?
A. There is no prescribed length of time to use these products. We recommend using them for a short period, and then continuing use as you see fit.

Q. Can this product be used over makeup?
A. It can be used on the skin regardless of whether you are wearing makeup or not. After use, please wipe the product with the supplied Cleaning Cloth.

Q. Is it better to use this product before or after applying face lotions, creams, and other skincare products?
A. We recommend using it after applying other skincare products. When you’re done, use the included cleaning cloth to wipe off any lotion or cream residue.

Q. Can I use this product after applying skincare products that contain exfoliating scrubs and/ or sulfuric ingredients?
A. No. you cannot be Doing so may cause discoloration or abrasion of your skin.

Q. Can this product be used over clothing?
A. Yes, you can use it over your clothing. However, microcurrent* will only be conducted when both rollers and the lower metallic part of the handle are in contact with your bare skin.

“Microcurrent is a low electrical current similar to the natural bioelectric current that runs through our bodies and does not cause any sensation.

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