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LUMITherapy Secretcare

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LUMITHERAPY SecretCare is an innovative seat warmer that is slim, lightweight, and discreet. Utilizing LED light technology, SecretCare warms your body gradually with clinically safe LED Red lights and near-infrared rays. The effect and sensation SecretCare brings is equivalent to taking a nice, relaxing hot bath. In fact, the reason why SecretCare is so popular in Korea is because of Korea’s culture of “hot baths”. Thus, with the invention of SecretCare, users are able to replicate the feeling and sensation of having a warm bath outside of the bathroom.

  • 2 Available modes to choose from – Day & Night mode
  • In-built 8000mAh Battery (Up to 6 sessions per charge)
  • A wealth of benefits just from 10 minutes of usage
  • Slim, lightweight, and portable
  • Certified by KC – National Certification that guarantees the safety of products sold in Korea
  • Waterproof & Dustproof Certification – IP33 Grade Protection
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During Work

Whether it’s stress at work or that annoying time of the month again, Lumitherapy SecretCare is always there for you! Simply turn it on and slide it onto your seat and fall into instant relief and comfort.

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Relaxing at Home

The best time to use SecretCare is anytime! When you’re back at home catching up on the latest tv series or reading up on your favorite books, simply switch on SecretCare on your chair or sofa and slip into pure comfort and bliss.

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Perfect Meditation Partner

Slip into a zone of relaxation and comfort while you meditate with SecretCare. Improve your focus and concentration while meditating by first allowing your body to fall into a comfortable and relaxed position.

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DAY MODE – Recommended using with clothes on. Day Mode LED is more powerful, exerting a temperature of 43-44 degrees.

Recommended Duration: 12 minutes per session

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NIGHT MODE – Recommended exposing LED lights on bare skin. This will allow deeper penetration for intended and effective care. The LED lights in night mode operate at a safe temperature of 36.5 degrees

Recommended Duration: 10 minutes per session

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SecretCare was initially designed to relieve pain and discomfort for users with ailments within the genital or buttocks area. Here are some of the symptoms SecretCare can help provide relief for:

  1. Prostatism
  2. Anal Disease
  3. Hemorrhoids
  4. Urinary Incontinence
  5. Cold Stomach
  6. Menstrual Pain
  7. Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM)
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The LED light technology in SecretCare increases the NO (nitric oxide) levels within the body which in turn increases blood flow and circulation. This improves the immune system and decreases inflammation and oxidative stress. For optimal results, Secret Care should be used against bare, clean, dry skin.


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