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Lumidiet Wearable Belt

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Lumidiet is your solution to achieve a slim and trim body.

  • Wearable health care device that uses light to decrease fat from fat cells
  • Does not require any surgical treatment to lose fat
  • Motor-vibration added to enable faster elimination of fat cells
  • Clinically proven to burns up to 500 calories of fat in just 30 minutes *individual results may vary
  • Recognized as an innovative fat loss designer device in The Luxury Technology Show 2017 in New York City, America
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LumiDiet is a personal wearable light-therapy diet belt. It introduces clinically proven LED light technology to break down your abdominal fat cells. Portable size and weight, great elasticity, and motor-powered vibration allow a perfect fit for users of all body types. Additionally, LumiDeit is an easy-to-care product for its long-life battery, resistance to sweat and dust, and simplest control.

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