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TUNTURI Power Tower PT40


You don’t need heavy weights or equipment to train your upper body. The simple Power Tower PT40 and your own body weight are more than enough for a decent workout. The PT40 is a compact strength station that takes up little space. Ideal for home use!

  • Train your upper body using your own body weight
  • A compact piece of training equipment for use at home or at the gym
  • Sturdy steel structure with a black matte powder coating, long-lasting
  • Different exercises are possible for an intense workout

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Maximum Load Capacity

It’s important that you know what the maximum load capacity is of your equipment per part. You will find this in the images on the right. If you subtract your body weight from the maximum load capacity, you will know the number of weights you can load. You include your bodyweight only when there are parts on which you can sit or lay on.

Arm supports for dipping + grips

Arm supports for dipping + grips

Armrests and grips have been included in the middle of the pull-up/dip station.

Comfort handles + cushion + backrest

Comfort handles + cushion + backrest

The rubber grips ensure optimal comfort while training, just like the sturdy foam-filled arm pads and the special backrest


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