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TUNTURI Cross Trainer Endurance C85


Training is jour life: intensively and as often as possible. Go for a full-body, top-level workout with the C85 Elliptical Cross Trainer. This cross trainer adapts to your personal needs and goals. Train like a professional, also in your own home.

  • 58 resistance levels, 43 programs
  • Easy to move
  • Connectable with Tunturi Routes
  • A monitor that displays the different parameters

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NEW Tunturi Cross Trainer Endurance Machine C85

C85 Blok2 Tablethouder monitor


Cycling on the home trainer boring? Use one of the Bluetooth connectivity apps and connect with the Tunturi trainer. Follow the progression in your training and reach your goal with the iConsole + Training program. With Kinomap you push your limits: challenge a friend, choose a course and be the first to cross the finish line. For an extra experience, choose a trip with iConsole + Training. Tour through a fantastic environment and cycle a route with Google Street View


Exercise with lifelike video footage, which synchronizes with the speed you are training with. The feeling as if you are exercising outside. Even more motivating.
C85 Blok3 T Road
C85 Blok4 Pedalen


You train comfortably on the C85. The tilting monitor, the comfort pedals, the ergonomic handles, the rear-drive mechanism that provides a longer, 50 cm (19.7 inches) stroke: ensures a natural posture while you exercise. Ideal for weight loss or rehabilitation.


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