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TUNTURI Cross Trainer Performance C55


Are you looking for a challenging and varied exercise program? Do you like to set clear targets for yourself? Discover the front-drive C55 elliptical cross trainer from the Performance range, with different programs and feedback.

  • 32 resistance levels, 21 programs
  • Easy to move
  • Handy holder for tablet or smartphone
  • A monitor that displays the different parameters
  • Connectible with Tunturi Routes

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tunturi performance c55 crosstrainer in de woonkam


You train comfortably on the C55. The tilting monitor, the comfort pedals, the ergonomic handles, the rear-drive mechanism that provides a longer, 50 cm (19.7 inches) stroke: ensures a natural posture while you exercise. Ideal for weight loss or rehabilitation.

C55 Blok1 Pedalen
C55 Blok2 Monitor2


The built-in ergometer controls and measures the power output. The monitor displays all information, including speed, distance, cadence, and calories burnt: You register your heart rate via the hand sensors or via a wireless heart rate receiver.


Choose from 21 programs or exercise at a constant resistance level.

C55 Blok3 Programmas tablethouder
C55 Blok4 Transportwielen


The transport wheels allow you to exercise where you want to, and you can move the exercise bike around effortlessly.


You are sweating a lot when you are intensively training. It’s important to drink enough water. Put your bottle in the bottle holder.
C55 Blok5 Bidonhouder


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