Slendertone Ab Belt Extender


Our belt extension can simply add 7-9 inches (17-22cm) to all our Ab Toning belts: Abs8, Connect Abs, Abs7, Abs5, etc.

Constructed with elasticated, hook-and-loop material, feed one end of the belt through the extension and securely attach it around your waist.

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Use this extender to increase the length of your belt up to 7 inches. Can be used with all Slendertone Abdominal Belts.


Adds 7-9 inches to toning belts
Compatible with CoreFit, Connect, Abs toning belts

Elasticated material
Secure velcro


Size:7-9 inches (17-22cm).

Included in the box:
Ab Toning belt extension.


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Slendertone Ab Belt Extender

Slendertone Ab Belt Extender