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Sixpad PowerSuit for Abs

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Sixpad Powersuit for Abs Intensively train the abdominal muscles, for a tighter stomach.
Powersuit Abs exercises the abdominal muscles that are essential for bodybuilding. The abdominal muscles are stimulated by electricity for a vigorous abdominal workout. To tone up, use it when running or performing other aerobic exercises. To use, simply cinch it around your waist. You will be one step closer to having a toned figure if you make it a daily practice.

  • Intensively train the abdominal muscles, for a tighter stomach.
  • Elastic fabric for a tight fit.
  • Washable training gear for easy maintenance
  • Thin and light for easy carrying. Easy training even on the go.
  • Eledyne fabric electrodes deliver efficient training.
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Add EMS* to your usual exercise.
Tone multiple areas at the same time.
Hybrid area-specific training means exercising while wearing the Powersuit
—which incorporates SIXPAD’s original technology—to tone multiple areas you
want to focus on at the same time.
EMS stimulation allows for efficient workouts: even while jogging*or doing
squats and other areas of the body are getting strength training.
It’s a completely new way of working out.
*Only Powersuit Abs can be used when jogging
Strength training
* EMS: Electrical Muscle Stimulation

cardio x ems vs strenght x ems
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Anytime, anywhere — whenever you want.
A new exercise routine for the hardest spots
to train.
Less time, less hard work, easier.
Here’s a new routine that adds strength training into your daily life —Multitasking
Area-Specific Training.
Use it any time of the day, when you are relaxing, doing housework, or even at work.
Train those hard-to-reach muscles anytime, anywhere, with EMS* technology, for a
healthier life

imporve your health daily

Sixpad Powersuit for Abs

Sixpad Powersuit for abs Intensively train the abdominal muscles, for a tighter stomach.
Powersuit Abs trains the abdominal muscles you can’t overlook when bodybuilding.
Electricity stimulates the abdominal muscles for an intensive abdomen workout. Use it
when jogging or doing other cardio exercises to tone up more effectively. Simply wear it
around your waist to use. Make it a daily habit and you are one step closer to a toned body.

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Sixpad Powersuit for Hip&Leg

Efficiently train the hips and thighs,
for the ideal body.
Powersuit Hip & Leg trains the particularly muscular areas of the lower body: the
hips and thighs. It efficiently trains your hips, thighs, and hamstrings, which are
hard to work on in your everyday life. Use it while doing sit-ups or other upper-body
strength training exercises to tone multiple areas at the same time.

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Elastic fabric for a tight fit.

With 110%+ elasticity fabric as its base, this
design was calculated with body contours in
mind and fits any body shape snugly. This
flexible design allows movement without
shifting the electrodes, allowing electric
stimulation to be transmitted thoroughly. The
fabric is also super soft—it feels so nice on
your skin that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Washable training gear for
easy maintenance.

Machine washable, with a dedicated laundry
net. It can always be clean when you use it
because you can easily wash it at home.

Thin and light for easy carrying.
Easy training even on the go. 

It’s thin and light because it’s made of fabric.
You can do training wherever you want,
whether you’re at work, out on business, or
Note: The dedicated pouch only comes with Powersuit Abs.
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Muscles are made of extremely fine muscle fibers, which can be
classified into fast-twitch and slow-twitch fibers. As fast-twitch
muscle is easy to build, and it characteristically leads to a toned
body if you train. On the other hand, with ordinary training, it
can’t be stimulated without imposing a load heavy enough to put
you out of breath, so another aspect is that it requires hard
EMS, on the other hand, can easily target the fast-twitch fibers
even at lower intensities. Therefore, it brings about changes in
your appearance faster than conventional exercise.

M (72-90cm), L (88-106cm), LL (104-120cm)


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