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AIBI Compact+ Smart Dumbbell 25lbs Set with Barbell


The AIBI Smart adjustable 25lbs dumbbell is the perfect addition to your home gym. With its easy-to-use adjustable design, you can quickly switch between weights to target different muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals. The durable construction and ergonomic grip ensure comfortable and safe lifting, while the compact size makes it easy to store in small spaces. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced weightlifter, the AIBI Smart adjustable 25 lbs dumbbell is a versatile and convenient tool for your workout routine.


  • Adjustable weight of 5,10,15,20 & 25lbs
  • Fast and easy adjustment system
  • Complete with a dumbbell stand and a long bar

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smart dumbbell 25lbs full set


The AIBI 25lbs Smart Dumbbell has a small footprint and a compact design that makes it ideal for all homes. It also includes a long bar and a dumbbell stand.

Easy to adjust the weight of 5,10,15,20 & 25lbs to suit the needs of users of different fitness levels.

It takes up minimal space in your living area, being 46cm long and 43cm wide. To begin your workout, just pull the stands apart and secure the barbell onto the dumbbell handle. To store the stands, unclip the bar and press them back into place before your next session.


Quick weight selector with a patented design for quick and easy weight selection. Replace 5 dumbbell pairs with 1 dumbbell pair.


Ergonomic handles and patterned grip for a more comfortable and secure grip.

smart dumbbell 25lbs with indicator


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