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MTG Style Kids Pelvic Support Seat

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It is important for a child to cultivate the habit of maintaining an upright and accurate seating posture while they are young. Especially during their growing phase, where their bones and muscles are still developing, simply maintaining the right posture will bring about a wealth of benefits from improved academic skills, concentration, focus, and motor skills. Start taking care of your child’s posture today with the Style Kids!

– Unique Chiro-Support System

– Different sizes and design to accommodate different needs

– Child-Safe design

– Durable and Sturdy made with soft materials

– Rubber Stopper to prevent falling accidents

– Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

– Highly-Portable & Lightweight

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Style Kid Seat

This is why a proper posture with the correct lower back support is important in maintaining the body’s health and boosting the performance of each individual. Developed and designed by a chiropractor, the STYLE seat uses a unique structure that wraps around the pelvis supporting the natural “S” figure of the spine and prevents slanting of the body allowing one to adopt a comfortable and healthy posture.

Your child’s posture is fundamental to his/her growth

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  • Dimension: W30cm x D25cm x H23cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Materials: Polypropylene,EVA,elastomer
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Lower back support designed to emulate the hands of a chiropractor. Supports the natural S-curve line of your backbone.


Seat curve tips the body forward.


Maintains your body at a level position to prevent leaning.

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  • Dimension: W30cm x D25cm x H23cm
  • Materials: Polypropylene,EVA,elastomer

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