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XXL Super Racks

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Combining European styling with American engineering, HOIST® takes commercial free weight equipment to a whole new level. The new CF Line features the same aesthetic distinction and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT™ line.

Products in this series:


  • CF-3160 Super Flat / Incline Bench
  • CF-3165 Super Flat / Incline / Decline Bench
  • CF-3168 Adjustable Incline Bench
  • CF-3170 Flat Olympic Bench
  • CF-3172 Incline Olympic Bench
  • CF-3177 Decline Olympic Bench
  • CF-3550 Preacher Curl
  • CF-3555 Standing Preacher Curl
  • CF-2179B 3 Way Olympic Bench
  • CF-3162 Super Adjustable Flat / Decline Bench
  • CF-3163 Flat Bench
  • CF-3264 Adjustable Decline Ab Bench
  • CF-3661 Incline Leverage Row
  • CF-3663 Back Hyper
  • CF-3950 Utility Stool
  • CF-3960 Utility Bench


  • CF-3264 Adjustable Decline Ab Bench
  • CF-3663 Back Hyper
  • CF-3252 Vertical Knee Raise / Dip

Training Stations

  • CF-3252 Vertical Knee Raise / Dip
  • CF-3364 Power Cage
  • CF-3360 Dead Lift Platform
  • CF-3367 Squat Rack
  • CF-3962 Fitness Tree

Weight/Accesory Storage

  • CF-3461-1 1 Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • CF-3461-2 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • CF-3461-3 3 Tier Dumbbell Rack
  • CF-3462-3 3 Tier Beauty Bell Rack
  • CF-3462-2 2 Tier Beauty Bell Rack
  • CF-3465 Barbell Rack
  • CF-3443 Olympic Plate Tree
  • CF-3444 4 Sided Olympic Plate Tree
  • CF-3466 Accessory Rack
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