Reebok Power Tube

Reebok Power Tube

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  • RE-21070 (L-Light)
  • RE-21071 (M-Medium)
  • RE-21072 (H-Heavy)
  • RE-21073 (XH-XHeavy)
  • RE-21074 (XXH-XXHeavy)

Available in 5 resistance levels giving the user progression through the levels. Elastic sleeve prevents pinching and improves durability.

  • Compact design makes them very portable, ideal for the mobile personal trainer or crowded studio.
  • Standard length of 1220 mm.
  • Ideal for upper and lower body exercises, and strength workouts.
  • Sleeve provides protection should the tube break during use.

Warranty 6 months.


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Reebok Power Tube

Reebok Power Tube