REEBOK Long Round Foam Roller RSYG-11007

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Roll with it.

The long Reebok Foam Roller is ideal if you intend to use it to massage out tightness in your back.

Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release, or self-massage, that can help loosen up tight muscles and stimulate the healing and recovery process.

Measuring 90cm in length, the roller allows you to roll with it perpendicular to your back without worrying about falling off of the end. The long foam roller can also be used to create proper alignment by laying on it parallel to your spine, giving your back full support while rolling out.

Use the long foam roller for core stability or to apply a medium amount of massage pressure. Made from high density foam, the design of this foam roller ensures it will not warp over time.


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REEBOK Long Round Foam Roller RSYG-11007

REEBOK Long Round Foam Roller RSYG-11007