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Radio Frequency Polar Skin Toner

    RF Treatment for smoother skin. RF pulses reduce fat cells resulting in a smoother appearance on the skins surface.


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Smoother skin is just a few steps away. RF-Polar uses high frequency radio RF waves to target heat deep subcutaneous regions of the skin, where excess fatty deposits are located.

The RF treatment heating effect stimulates fat cell reduction and tightens collagen fibres, resulting in a smoother appearance to the skins surface. The key to a successful treatment is to raise the temperature of the deep subcutaneous regions of the skin and maintain that temperature for a few seconds.

The hand held wand allows easy treatment of commonly affected areas such as the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks.

During treatment the RF-Polar unit itself does not emit any heat, however, the skins reaction to the RF waves generates a significant warming sensation from within the subcutaneous regions of the skin.


  • Low, medium and high power settings
  • Radio frequency technology
  • Targets fatty tissue
  • Reduces dimpling

How to Use:

Step 1: Remove all packaging from the unit. Carefully plug the mains adapter into the back of the console and into your power supply.

Step 2: Using the spatula, apply a thin layer of RF-Polar Treatment Gel to the entire surface of your chosen ‘Treatment Zone’.

Step 3: To turn the unit on, press the ON/OFF button. One blue light will illuminate on the console, and a small blue light will appear on the wand. The unit is now ready for use on the lowest heat level. Heating will only occur when the unit is in contact with the skin. When in contact with the skin it may take 30–40 seconds to notice the full RF heating effect. You will need to work across your chosen ‘Treatment Zone’ methodically using a grid system. Work in an area no larger than the size of your palm at any one time. Wand must be kept moving all times to avoid skin burns.

Step 4: Place wand contacts on the skin and immediately move the wand slowly in a small circular motion in an area the size of your palm. All four wand contacts must be touching the skin for unit to have effect. As the skin warms up it will redden, particularly on the Highest Heat Level. After approximately 1-2 minutes (depending on the heat level selected) all three console lights should begin to flash along with the wand light, indicating that you need to move to the next adjacent area. If skin starts to feel uncomfortably hot before the lights begin to flash remove the wand and refer to troubleshooting section.

Step 5: Continue to work over your entire ‘Treatment Zone’ using this method. Once entire ‘Treatment Zone’ has been covered, a final warming is required. Work over the entire area again in large sweeping circles for approximately 2 minutes. Treatment is now complete.

Heat levels:

RF-Polar has 3 Heat Levels. Each level can be selected by pressing the ON/OFF button briefly. On each level the skin will warm and redden, this will be particularly noticeable on the Highest Heat Level.

Low heat level: Indicated by one blue light

Medium heat level: Indicated by two blue lights

High heat level: Indicated by three blue lights

Treatments Areas:

Radio Frequency Polar Skin Toner treatment

Waist and Buttocks: Over time fatty tissue builds upin the subcutaneous regions ofthe skin, forming an orange peel effect on the skins surface. The breakdown of these hardened fat deposits is difficult with diet and exercise alone. RF-Polar treatment can be used to directly target this layer of subcutaneous fat. Only use on the areas shown, do not use directly on the fold under the buttock.

Thighs: The most common area wherethe body naturally stores fat. RF-Polar can help redefine thecontours of these areas. Never use RF-Polar over the back of the knee, or near the groin and genitals.

Abdomen: The abdomen has no bone structure protectingthe major organs. It is, therefore, very important toonly use gentle pressure. Fat deposits around theabdominal area often build up slowly over time and,consequently, respond slowly to diet and exercisealone. Using the RF-Polar helps to speed up the breakdown of thefatty tissue enhancing the effects of diet and exercise. Use a LOWER ‘Heat Level’ in this zone. Do notuse over the belly button area of the stomach.

Upper Arms: ‘Bingo-wings’ are caused by a combination of stored fatand flaccid muscle. Using the RF-Polar regularly on this area will help give a firmer appearance to the skin. Never use RF-Polar too close to the armpit, ornear the breasts.

Important: Not suitable for use on the face.


  • RF-Polar Unit and Wand
  • RF-Polar Treatment Gel
  • Mains Adapter
  • Reusable Spatula
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