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ProClubLine Inner or Outer Thigh Machine

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You can expect Nothing but the best from this machine. Pop-pin cam adjustment allows users to select starting position and range-of-motion. Features four sealed pillow block ball-bearing systems for smooth, comfortable Inner Thigh and Hip concentration. Provides pinpoint outer thigh concentration with additional emphasis on hips and glutes. Oversize DuraFirm™ pads, biomechanically accurate foot posts and ergoNomically correct bent-knee design make your workouts safe, comfortable and more effective. Angled seat eliminates lower back stress while No-slip hand grips assure stability.

NoTE: This machine is either an Inner or an Outer Thigh Machine. The basic unit can be configured to be used as one or the other, Not both. In order to have both an Inner and Outer Thigh Machine, two units would need to be purchased.

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