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HOIST Power Cage CF-3364


  • 20 available adjustment points at 2.5” increments with adjustable bar rack-outs for varying user heights
  • Adjustable safety tiers with front Olympic Bar rack-out
  • Integrated pull-up station with rock climbing holds
  • Integrated weight storage
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Users will get the high intensity free weight workout that they’re looking for, without worrying about their safety.

Key Features :

  • Adjustment Points: 20 available options at 2.5 inch increments along with adjustable bar rack-outs provides accommodates a range of users
  • Adjustable Safety Tiers: stay safe with customizable tiers and a front Olympic bar rack-out
  • Integrated Pull-Up Station: add an extra element to your workout by utilizing the pull-up handles, complete with rock climbing grips
  • Integrated Weight Storage: to keep the important weights close at hand

Ideal for Home Use

  • Get the most out of equipment
  • Feel comfortable and supported as you do reps
  • Enjoy machines that is durable and are easy to use
  • Admire a home gym that is on par with the professionals’
Product Dimensions
  • Product Width: 86.25″ (219 cm)
  • Product Height: 91.00″ (231 cm)
  • Product Length: 71.00″ (180 cm)
  • Machine Weight: 475 lbs. (216 kg)
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