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HOIST Commercial Smith Machine CF-3753


Precise built in components

Unique space saving design

Extremely durable and versatile

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  • 7º angle on linear exercise movement
  • EZ-LOC LATCHING MECHANISM™ automatically locks and unlocks weight bar and safety stops
  • Easy one-handed adjustable safety stops
  • Incorporates 10 weight plate holders for easy storage
  • Starting weight of Olympic bar: 25 lbs. (10 kg)
  • Maximum storage weight: 1350 lbs. (610 kg)

Product Width: 88.28″ (224 cm)

Product Height: 87.25″ (221.6 cm)

Product Length: 38.83″ (98.6 cm)

Machine Weight: 663 lbs. (301 kg)

Weight 0.01 kg


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