HD Commercial Single Selectorized


The expanded HOIST® HD Series offers a comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where space, budget or both are at a premium. A properly designed HD circuit can fit 10 to 12 health club quality exercises within 300-400 square feet. Now, with over a dozen dual or multi-function stations, HOIST® can provide a state-of-the-art strength circuit for almost any center. The HD series offers an exciting blend of quality components, intuitive adjustments, superior biomechanics and excellent value.

Products in this series:

Upper Body

  • HD / HDG-1100 Standing Biceps / Triceps
  • HD / HDG-1500 Multi Press
  • HD / HDG-1700 Lat Pulldown / High Row
  • HD / HDG-2100 Chin / Dip Assist
  • HD / HDG-2200 Pec Fly / Rear Delt
  • HD / HDG-2300 Mid Row / Lat Pulldown
  • HD / HDG-2500 4 Way Neck
  • HD / HDG-500 Wall Mount Multi Gym

Lower Body

  • HD / HDG-1610 Leg Press Calf Raise
  • HD / HDG-1800 Inner / Outer Thigh
  • HD / HDG-2000 Multi Hip
  • HD / HDG-2400 Seated Leg Extension / Curl

Crossover Stations

  • HD / HDG-1180 Traditional Cable Crossover
  • HD / HDG-1190 Space Saver Cable Crossover

Functional Pulley Systems

  • HD-1900 Dual Pulley System
  • HD-1900-2 Dual Pulley System – 2
  • HD-1910 Personal Pulley System

For the details of the above individual products, download the HD Series Brochure.


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HD Commercial Single Selectorized

HD Commercial Single Selectorized