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Hand Rejuvenation

    Hand Rejuvenation galvanic gloves use microcurrent ion technology to pump smoothing and softening agents deep into the skin of your hands for a deep anti aging hand treatment.


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Rio Hand Rejuvenation uses microcurrent ion technology to pump smoothing and softening agents deep into the skin of your hands for an intensive hand treatment. The anti ageing treatment is completed in just 20 minutes.

You will feel the difference immediately and by using Hand Rejuvenation regularly you will see improvements to the appearance of your hands.


  • Iontophoresis Technology
  • Hand treatment completed in just 20 minutes
  • Feel the difference immediately!

How to Use:

Wash hands and dry before use.

Step 1: Start by setting up just one glove to treat one hand. You will then be able to appreciate the difference a single treatment can make.
Step 2: The gloves must be connected to the positive socket of the connector lead and the wrist bands to the negative socket to ensure the active ions in the Q10 treatment cream are pumped into the skin.
Step 3: Check the unit is off and plug the two connector leads into the bottom of the control unit then apply a generous amount of Q10 cream to the arm where the wrist band will be located.
Step 4: Slip on the elasticated wrist band and position where the cream has been applied and apply a generous amount of Q10 cream to each hand and put on the glove.
Step 5: Now you are ready to go, switch the unit on and turn the output dial to start the treatment, you can adjust the dial to increase or decrease the intensity as required. The treatment lasts for 20 minutes before the unit turns off, it can also be turned off at any time during the treatment if you need to.

Ion pump technology uses gentle microcurrents which on higher levels can be felt as a gentle tingling sensation. During treatment, as the active ingredients are pumped into the skin, the tingling sensation will become less noticeable. This occurs over the first 10 – 15 minutes depending on how much cream is applied. For best results initially use daily. Thereafter use as required. Always ensure there is a gap between the wrist band and glove. Remove all piercings and jewellery from hands and wrists.

Treatment Areas:

  • Hands


  • We do not recommend treatment for people who are pregnant, have a pacemaker, suffer from high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, heart problems, thrombosis, diabetes or skin related illnesses
  • Do not repeat treatment within 24 hours
  • Remove all piercings and jewellery from hands and wrists before use
  • Product contains spandex


  • Hand Rejuvenation control unit
  • 1 pair of reusable gloves
  • Q10 cream
  • Battery included
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