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Callus Remover

    Callus Remover is the easy way to remove hard skin on feet, remove corns and calluses!


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Taking a little time to care for your feet does more than make you look great when your feet are on show. Removing the hard skin and keeping your feet in a healthy, hygenic condition means you’ll feel better, walk better and look great when barefoot.

Corns and calluses are very common conditions. They start as a build up of hard skin caused by friction or pressure on the area effected. The hard skin is the body’s natural way of protecting soft tissue from damage. If the friction or pressure continues the hard skin build-up will turn into a corn or callus, appearing as a hard, grey or yellowish lump.

The difference between calluses and corns is the location, calluses occur on the sole of the foot and corns occur on the top of the foot, between the toes or tip of the toe. Although they are usually not painful themselves they tend to cause pain in the area when under pressure, such as in tight shoes, or even simply when walking if the callus is on the ball of the foot.

Callus Remover makes the safe removal of calluses and corns at home an easy treatment!


  • Removes callouses, corns and dry, hard skin
  • Professional pedicure
  • Professional German tools

How to Use:

Step 1: First of all check the feet for evidence of infections or verrucas. If you suspect anything seek medical advice before doing any callous or corn treatment on the feet.

Step 2: Wash your hands thoroughly. You should always work on clean feet so either wash them thoroughly or use an antiseptic spray.

Step 3: Callus removal treatment is most effective on moist skin so soak feet well before starting, ideally in a very warm, antibacterial soak. It is essential to work with very clean hands and feet.

Step 4: If the callus is severe use the callus shaver. Whilst the feet are soaking insert a new blade into the shaver. If the calluses are not severe use only the foot rasp and skip the next step.

Step 5: Lightly towel dry one foot keepingthe skin moist. Draw the shaver across very lightly to remove thin layers of the dead skin. Do not remove too much, especially the first time. It may be painful if totally removed.

Step 6: Use the rasp head and file overthe remaining callus area. Do not apply too much pressure. It can take several sessions to completely remove a callus.

Step 7: Change to the file head and work backwards and forwards over thearea to smooth the skin. Replace the foot in the soak whilst you work on the other foot.

Step 8: Finally rinse the both feet andpat dry before applying a generous quantity of moisturiser and massage into the feet concentrating on the callous area. For deep moisturising apply more moisturiser and wear a pair of cotton socks to keep feet warm allowing the additional moisturiser to penetrate the skin.

Treatment Areas:

  • Feet


  • Please read all instructions thoroughlyand retain for future reference.
  • Do not use this product on or around areas ofopen cuts, fungal nail infections, athletes foot, verrucas, sunburn or any skin irritation.
  • We do not recommend use on personssuffering from diabetes.
  • This product is not recommended for use by children under the age of 14 years. Keep outof reach of children.
  • If using on more than one person disinfect thetools between uses.
  • After your pedicure clean your tools in a solution, such as a baby bottle sterilising solution. Allow them to air-dry thoroughly before storing.


  • File
  • Rasp
  • Shaver
  • Blade pack
  • Case
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