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Ab X Power

    A Complete Abdominal Workout in Just 5 Minutes a Day


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A Complete Abdominal Workout in Just 5 Minutes a Day

The AIBI Ab X Power incorporates both arcing and swinging motions, so you can now work on both your front abdominal muscles and external obliques just as effectively. Get a complete abdominal workout today!

AIBI Ab X Power is the world’s first exercise machine that combines two abdominal exercises in one machine, to tone, strengthen and build not only the front core abdominal muscles, but also the external obliques as well.

Click Switch System

Also unique to the AIBI Ab X Power is the Click Switch System that easily and quickly switches between the two exercise modes with just a simple turn of the knob.

Swing Motion

Unique to the AIBI Ab X Power is the incorporation of the Swing Motion exercise. This pendulum swing movement allows you to exercise your oblique muscles to a full contraction, quickly burning fat on both sides of the mid-section, creating a healthy and attractive body shape.

Arc Motion

Hold on to the handle bars and simply slide your knees towards your chest. This simple action creates intense muscle contractions to build and tone the front abdominal muscles.

Meter Function

Shows calories burned, number of repetitions and time. So set your target to achieve your dream body.

Body Cords

Provides versatile workout routines for multiple exercises to tone and build arms, chest, and shoulders.

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