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  • tuffstuff cxt200 multi functional trainertuffstuff cxt200 multi functional trainer model Out of Stock

    TuffStuff’s Evolution Corner Multi-Functional Trainer (CXT-200) features three separate cable stations, offering unlimited exercise options in one space-saving, patented, and compact corner machine.

    • Space-efficient corner design to fit any facility size
    • Three (3) separate cable stations
    • Fully adjustable high/low pulley system with swivel rotating handles
    • Fixed Lat and Low Row stations for single or dual-arm movements
    • Quick change trigger-style adjustments
    • The wide base of the frame accessible for workout benches and stability balls
    • Two (150 lb) weight stacks (optional upgrade to 200 lb)
    • Adjustable cable ratio of 1:2 or 1:4 for extended cable travel
    • Solid steel rotating accessory storage rack
    • Includes lat bar, low row bar, squat bar, nylon handles, & ankle strap
    • Optional: Smith Press Attachment CXT-225
  • TuffStuff atx-225R Classic Home GymTuffStuff atx-225R Classic Home Gym chest press Out of Stock

    TuffStuff’s Classic Home Gym (AXT-225R) is a traditional home gym platform that offers full-body machine-based movements with an optional cable outrigger station.  Other features include adjustable seat height and seat back, leg extension and standing leg curl with a low pulley and adjustable foam leg rollers, and a 200 lb center drilled steel weight stack.

    • Unique “Radius” frame design
    • Adjustable press and row bar
    • Mid pulley station
    • Adjustable seat height and seatback
    • Leg extension and standing leg curl with a low pulley
    • Adjustable foam leg rollers
    • Includes 200 lb center-drilled steel weight stack

    Optional Upgrades:

    • SXT-LP Leg Press Attachment
  • TuffStuff sxt550 Hybrid HomeTuffStuff sxt550 Hybrid Home Chest Press Out of Stock

    TuffStuff’s Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) combines popular functional training with a traditional arm press and leg station, offering the best of both worlds.  With six preset pulleys in three separate training zones (high, mid, and low), the hybrid home gym is fully adjustable.  The SXT-550 comes equipped with a 200-pound center-drilled steel weight stack and may be upgraded to include TuffStuff’s (SXT-LP) leg press attachment.

    • 2020 BEST HOME GYM – 5X Winner
    • Space efficient forward-facing design
    • Six (6) preset pulleys in three separate training zones
    • Adjustable seat height and telescopic seatback pad adjustment
    • Combination seated leg extension/ seated leg curl station
    • Unique cable ratio for enhanced cable travel
    • Unique “Radius” frame design
    • 200 lb center-drilled steel weight stack
    • Extended cable travel; Resistance at the handle is approx 1/4 of the weight selected
    • Full-length protective steel weight shields
    • Optional: Leg Press Attachment SXT-LP