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  • black cast iron weight platesblack cast iron

    The cast-iron weight plates are compatible with 1-inch standard barbells with black powder-coated. Standard sizes barbells, dumbbells, and weights are ideal for supporting high repetition strength.

    For use with “Standard” bars with 1” (2.54cm) diameter
    Heavy-duty cast iron construction
    Finish: Black paint
    Hole Diameter: 1″ (2.54cm)
    Markings: AIBI logo and weight of plate embossed on each plate.


  • aibi gym multi functional ab-mft3AIBI gym multi functional trainer ab-mft3 front view Out of Stock
    • Super smooth moving Twin Pin Select Weight Stacks
    • Each weight stack, 80kg with a total of 160kg
    • Linear-bearing commercial smith machine 400kg rating
    • Multi-grip pull up bar and ring for resistance band assisted pull-up
    • Six post plate storage to keep weights neat and tidy and off the floor
    • Includes long bars, various bars, handles, leg hold-down, J-hooks, safety spotting arms, landmine, T-bar row multi-grip handlebar and dipping handles attachments
  • AIBI gym multi functional trainer ab-mft8 Out of Stock

    The AIBI Multi-Functional Trainer MFT8 is the most complete home gym with an incorporated Smith Machine that engages the weight stack.

    • Two precision cut steel 100kg pin select weight stacks
    • Two weight stack ‘horns’ for extra weight plate loading
    • Multi-Purpose Power Rack
    • Five-way multi-grip chin-up bar
  • aibi rubber coated weight plate

    Check out our high quality cast iron home gym weight plate with rubber-coated, standard hole dimension 3cm/ 1 inch

    Product information

    Weight –  1.5KG ~ 10KG
    Types –  rubber-coated
    Color –  Black
    Shape –  Round
    Usage/Application – Home Gym
    Hole diameter – 3cm

  • AIBI Gym wall functional trainer wft1.2AIBI Gym wall functional trainer wft1.2 cable cross demo Out of Stock

    Standing at just 101cm (L) x 19cm (W) x 198cm (H), the AIBI WFT is a slim piece of space-saving equipment that can simply transform any wall in your home into a personal home gym.

  • NOHrD SlimBeam

    Slim Beam Cable machines are one of the classic exercise machines. Fitness studios and physiotherapy centers always have at least one gym cable, due to their versatility and functionality. Choosing Nohrd’s SlimBeam means selecting an exercise machine that features all the benefits of traditional cable machines, along with a top design, capable of blending into your home interior. Enjoy the SlimBeam’s slender shape, soft contours, and high-quality wood, available in a broad range of shades and colors, to suit your tastes.

  • NOHrD SwingBell Tower Set Out of Stock

    Swinging movements belong to our daily routine. They are highly effective and, therefore, a natural component of our repertoire of moves. This becomes clear to us when our resilience (ability to withstand stress) diminishes and pain simply hinders our momentum. Prevent this by incorporating swing- training into your workout: muscles, joints and connective tissue will become flexible, supple, and more resilient. The NOHrD Swing’s change of emphasis, extending beyond the extremities, will increase elasticity. Your connective tissue is precisely designed for such flexibility (bounce) and also requires this resilience to stay in shape.

  • Out of Stock

    NOHrD 3 in 1 TriaTrainer is a true space-saver and easy to transport. In a closed position the TriaTrainer serves as the perfect abs and core trainer. Unfold one side into the first position and convert the chair into a semi-bench for working your back muscles and glutes. Opened into full extension the TriaTrainer can be used for all standard bench workouts with or without free weights.

  • RM2,980.00RM8,976.00

    Wall bars are a truly classic piece of sports equipment- there’s hardly a gym without one! The fine woods used to manufacture NOHrD WallBars, along with its curved silhouette, present a high-quality piece of furniture that will blend in effortlessly to your home interior. Available in ash, club-sport. The safety cords on the built-in side arm ensure safe training and retract automatically when folded up.

  • Out of Stock

    All-in-one exercise wall.

    The new, compact version of the NOHrD Wall further embodies our high standards of quality design and technical know-how. Boasting sleek new contours and a contemporary look, this streamlined fitness wall provides full-body workouts, strength, and endurance training. The Wall Compact includes a high/low adjustable cable machine, cross country ski trainer, and four pairs of hand weights.

  • RM59.00
    • Special pulsating dumbbell for shaping and toning upper body
    • Dynamic Inertia technology ignites muscles in arms, shoulders, and chest
    • Increase upper body muscle activity by 300 percent compared to regular weights
    • Works in only 6 minutes per day; fits easily inside a suitcase or travel bag
    • Instructional “Upper Body Sculpting” workout DVD included
  • RM49.00
    • GO FROM FLABBY TO FIRM – Special pulsating 2.5lb dumbbell helps shape and tone upper body!
    • DYNAMIC INERTIA TECHNOLOGY – Ignite the muscles in the arms, shoulders, and chest with the SHAKE WEIGHT!
    • MORE EFFECTIVE EXERCISE – Help increase upper body muscle activity by 300 percent compared to regular weights.
    • EXERCISE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE – Get your workout in as little as 6 minutes per day; fits easily inside a suitcase or travel bag for on the go
    • WORKOUT DVD INCLUDED – Full body toning DVD included to help you get started on your fitness journey!
  • tuffstuff cxt200 multi functional trainertuffstuff cxt200 multi functional trainer model Out of Stock

    TuffStuff’s Evolution Corner Multi-Functional Trainer (CXT-200) features three separate cable stations, offering unlimited exercise options in one space-saving, patented, and compact corner machine.

    • Space-efficient corner design to fit any facility size
    • Three (3) separate cable stations
    • Fully adjustable high/low pulley system with swivel rotating handles
    • Fixed Lat and Low Row stations for single or dual-arm movements
    • Quick change trigger-style adjustments
    • The wide base of the frame accessible for workout benches and stability balls
    • Two (150 lb) weight stacks (optional upgrade to 200 lb)
    • Adjustable cable ratio of 1:2 or 1:4 for extended cable travel
    • Solid steel rotating accessory storage rack
    • Includes lat bar, low row bar, squat bar, nylon handles, & ankle strap
    • Optional: Smith Press Attachment CXT-225
  • TuffStuff atx-225R Classic Home GymTuffStuff atx-225R Classic Home Gym chest press Out of Stock

    TuffStuff’s Classic Home Gym (AXT-225R) is a traditional home gym platform that offers full-body machine-based movements with an optional cable outrigger station.  Other features include adjustable seat height and seat back, leg extension and standing leg curl with a low pulley and adjustable foam leg rollers, and a 200 lb center drilled steel weight stack.

    • Unique “Radius” frame design
    • Adjustable press and row bar
    • Mid pulley station
    • Adjustable seat height and seatback
    • Leg extension and standing leg curl with a low pulley
    • Adjustable foam leg rollers
    • Includes 200 lb center-drilled steel weight stack

    Optional Upgrades:

    • SXT-LP Leg Press Attachment
  • TuffStuff sxt550 Hybrid HomeTuffStuff sxt550 Hybrid Home Chest Press Out of Stock

    TuffStuff’s Hybrid Home Gym (SXT-550) combines popular functional training with a traditional arm press and leg station, offering the best of both worlds.  With six preset pulleys in three separate training zones (high, mid, and low), the hybrid home gym is fully adjustable.  The SXT-550 comes equipped with a 200-pound center-drilled steel weight stack and may be upgraded to include TuffStuff’s (SXT-LP) leg press attachment.

    • 2020 BEST HOME GYM – 5X Winner
    • Space efficient forward-facing design
    • Six (6) preset pulleys in three separate training zones
    • Adjustable seat height and telescopic seatback pad adjustment
    • Combination seated leg extension/ seated leg curl station
    • Unique cable ratio for enhanced cable travel
    • Unique “Radius” frame design
    • 200 lb center-drilled steel weight stack
    • Extended cable travel; Resistance at the handle is approx 1/4 of the weight selected
    • Full-length protective steel weight shields
    • Optional: Leg Press Attachment SXT-LP


  • tunturi utility bench ab20tunturi utility bench ab20 abs trainer Out of Stock

    Train your abs at home? You can do this with the Tunturi AB20 Abdominal Bench. The leg rolls and abdominal board provide extra support and stability during your workouts.

    • Sturdy bench for abdominal muscle training
    • The bench angle is adjustable
    • Leg rolls  for extra stability
    • Compact and easily foldable
  • tunturi cross-fit rack wt60tunturi cross-fit rack wt60 squat Out of Stock

    This Tunturi WT60 Cross Fit Rack is ideal if you want to work out at home, but want to do so in a safe and responsible manner. Simply work out in your own home, determine for yourself how long you want to train, which exercises you will do.

    • Various exercises are possible, to train your body: from dips to deadlifts
    • Includes storage for 25 mm – 50 mm (1 – 2 inch) weight plates
    • 24 levels to attach the weightlifting bar
    • Ideal for use at home
  • tunturi home gym hg10tunturi home gym hg10 demo

    Training at home comes with great benefits: you train when it suits you, the equipment is always available and you save yourself a trip to the gym. Sounds great, doesn’t it? This compact Tunturi HG10 Strength Station is ideal for your home use.

    • The chest press armrests can move independently of each other
      Easily combine pulleys with various training materials
      Equipment that’s easy to operate, to strengthen all your muscles
      Sturdy and compact steel construction. Ideal for home use
  • tunturi home gym hg20tunturi home gym hg20 demo Out of Stock

    You want to keep your body strong and flexible, but it’s often hard to find the time and energy to go to the gym after a busy day. Recognizable? Simply bring the gym to your home, with this compact and comprehensive Tunturi HG20 Strength Station.

    • Robust steel home gym with all the training functions for a complete workout
    • Ideal for use at home and suitable for the beginner or those who are more advanced
    • Weight stack with cover for noise reduction during workouts
    • Easily attach training materials to the pulleys using a snap hook
  • tunturi home gym hg60tunturi home gym hg60 demo Out of Stock

    Do you like a solid workout, but don’t always have the time or inclination to go to the gym? Bring the gym to your home with this Tunturi HG60 Strength Station! A complete home gym to help you work on a lean, strong body, at home!

    • A complete and compact piece of equipment for a full-body workout
    • Suitable for home or gym use, or for use at the rehabilitation center
    • Comfort guaranteed: adjustable backrest, durable upholstery, roller pads with foam
    • Attach various training materials to the pulleys using a snap hook
  • tunturi home gym hg80tunturi home gym hg80 demo Out of Stock

    Do you perform strength training regularly and have no time or inclination to head to the gym daily? Create your own gym area at home with this versatile Tunturi HG80 Strength Station! This home gym provides you with everything for a complete workout!

    • Many different exercises are possible to train your entire body
    • Compact and complete piece of training equipment, for home or gym use, or for use at the rehabilitation center
    • Save space by folding the weight bench
    • The seat, backrest, high pulleys, and leg support are adjustable for an optimal posture while training
  • tunturi power tower pt40tunturi power tower pt40 demo Out of Stock

    You don’t need heavy weights or equipment to train your upper body. The simple Power Tower PT40 and your own body weight are more than enough for a decent workout. The PT40 is a compact strength station that takes up little space. Ideal for home use!

    • Train your upper body using your own body weight
    • A compact piece of training equipment for use at home or at the gym
    • Sturdy steel structure with a black matte powder coating, long-lasting
    • Different exercises are possible for an intense workout
  • tunturi power tower pt60tunturi power tower pt60 sideview Out of Stock

    Exercise your abdominal muscles, strengthen your pectoral muscles, or give your upper arms a serious workout. It’s all possible with the complete Tunturi Power Tower PT60. A strength station with many different workout options.

    • Various possibilities to train your body
    • A compact and versatile piece of training equipment, for home or gym use
    • The Power Tower is suitable for beginners or those who are more advanced
    • Foldable weight bench, space-saving
  • tunturi power tower pt80tunturi power tower pt80 sideview Out of Stock

    The Tunturi PT80 Power Tower provides the fanatic strength trainer with various possibilities for a solid workout. Easily create your own private gym, at home, with this versatile pull-up/dip station. This means you can exercise when you want to, the way you want to!

    • Various possibilities for a solid workout
    • You can remove the abdominal board and hang it from the strength station to save space
    • Nearly all accessories are adjustable
    • Strong and durable steel structure
  • tunturi squat rack wt40tunturi squat rack wt40 demo Out of Stock

    The Tunturi WT40 Squat Rack is the perfect training partner when doing exercises with a long weightlifting bar. The rack is compact, easy to use, and easy to move. Ideal for use at home and in the gym and suitable for different training levels.

    • Essential for a fun, safe, and intense training session with a weightlifting bar
    • The barbell supports can be adjusted in height, fast, and easily
    • The very sturdy steel structure will last a long time
    • Compact and easy to use: ideal for use at home or at the gym train safely and responsibly with a barbells
  • tunturi utility ub20tunturi utility ub20 abs training

    Do you want to do a full upper-body workout? In that case, the UB20 Utility Bench from Tunturi is the perfect weight bench: you work out with weights, but with this smart bench you easily do different ab exercises too.

    • Different training options, specifically for the upper body
    • Weight bench and abdominal board
    • Sturdy, stationary seat with adjustable backrest
    • Compact and easily foldable. Adjust fast and without problems
  • tunturi utility bench ub40tunturi utility bench ub40 demo

    Do you have barbell supports? But still, need a weight bench? With this Tunturi bench, you kill two birds with one stone: the UB40 is an adjustable weight bench with which you also work out your abs.

    • Adjustable bench for workouts at home
    • Weight bench to place beneath barbell supports
    • Abdominal workout
    • Adjustable leg roll and leg press
  • tunturi utility bench ub60tunturi utility bench ub60 leg extension

    This UB60 Utility Bench is the ultimate solution for those who are looking for a weight bench that you can use to train your legs with. A bench with different options: you work out your abs and leg muscles and also use the bench as a weight bench.

    • Adjustable bench for workouts at home
    • Weight bench, abdominal board, and leg press in one
    • A full-body workout
    • Adjustable leg roll and leg press
  • tunturi weight bench wb20tunturi weight bench wb20 model Out of Stock

    This weight bench was designed for the home gym environment. The Tunturi WB20 offers different workout options. Thanks to its excellent readability, you can turn any bedroom into a small home gym area. Simply fold the bench away after your workout.

    • Different training options for home training
    • Weight bench and abdominal board thanks to the backrest with adjustable seat
    • Dip station on barbell supports to train your arm muscles
    • Compact and easily foldable work out at home with a weight bench and abdominal board