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  • Style Athlete Posture Improvement Seat-Black

    The MTG Style Athlete Posture Improvement Seat enhances your back and sitting position for a healthier, firmer posture. The snugly fitting seat can be used over a regular sofa, armchair or other seat, so it won’t interrupt your regular routine. The cushion keeps you in place on both sides in addition to your back, ensuring you do not slouch or damage your spine through a poor seating posture.

  • Style Seat


    • Lower back support designed to emulate the hands of a chiropractor. Supports the natural S-curve line of your backbone.
    • A seat curve that tips the body forward. Supports your pelvis when you tend to lean in day-to-day life, to maintain a natural and beautiful posture.
    • Curves that wrap your thighs on both sides when sitting. Maintains your body at a level position to prevent leaning.
    • Size ( L x W x H ): 420mm x 390mm x 330mm